Virr was created as a means of expression and edification, bringing aspects of the old days back, amalgamating the luxury and class of the fortunate with the impecunious rugged style of the penniless. the lady and the gentleman. The strong values, the classic, raw styles. The esteem and stature one would carry oneself with, despite the most impoverished conditions, poetry, deep enchanted forests. The mysterious unknown. Hand-made craftsmanship. A tasteful and timeless character. Virr incorporate these finer aspects as an attestation to everything that was. To offer a small morsel of it to a minority that can fathom this archaic appreciation.

The Virr people believe that what one surrounds oneself with says much about that person. some say the people that accompany you define who you are. But you cannot be accountable for your entourage. Some ascertain that your only means of expression is your spoken word, but these too often fall upon deaf ears. There is none more fitting to express who you are than yourself. We aim to expand a non-verbal language. Speak to your world about the true nature individuality of yourself with that which most represents who you are, while fulfilling a practical need. Their products are rugged and raw, stating true eloquence and class, using original designs, hardware and unique leathers.


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