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About Us


Market Lane is an online marketplace where Aussie designers sell direct to fashion lovers. It's a forum where you'll find independent designers not stocked in the big box retailers. Take some time to browse our aisles of unique, interesting and independent Aussie designs.

You buy directly from the designer on Market Lane, which means you're not only getting awesome Aussie designer gear faster than the boutiques, but you're also supporting the local industry.


Step 1: Add one or many awesome items from different designers to your shopping bag.

Step 2: Each designer has different shipping fees (if any!), so check the shipping policy before adding the item to your shopping bag.

Step 3: Enter your credit card details and wait for your goodies to arrive! Products from different designers in the same order will arrive in different parcels.

Step 4: Enjoy your new frocks, kicks, rags, decks or bling.

OUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We're behind our designers 100%. So if you're not completely satisfied with the purchase experience or your designer is not responding to your emails, email us at info@marketlane.com and we'll come to the rescue. Checkout our terms and conditions for more info.


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