Omar Seluj

Using references from the past to inform the present, Tim Ramsden and Jules Batstone have created Omar Seluj, a timeless sunglasses collection with appeal to both men and women. Channeling their lifestyle into each pair of sunglasses, Tim and Jules have created a diverse collection, ideal for individuals leading different lives yet sharing the same contemporary aesthetic.

Understanding the importance of sunglasses that look good while offering protection from harmful rays, each pair of Omar Seluj sunglasses is engineered with UV 400 lenses. Omar Seluj values attention to detail and uses unconventional textures with understated leather trimming and metal accents to revitalize classic frames and create original designs. Omar Seluj sunglasses complement different face shapes by intertwining the masculine and feminine style. Omar Seluj’s innovative handcrafted collection will be this season’s essential look for men and women who appreciate great sunnies.


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